Nominations for 2021/22 EXCO

Thank you for participating in the Voting for the 2021/ 2022 Executive Committee. There are currently 4 open seats on the EXCO, so all paid-up IPO members may vote for up to 4 candidates.

Each INDIVIDUAL & INTRODUCTORY MEMBER vote carries a weight of 1 point; A COMPANY PRODUCER MEMBER vote carries a weight of 3 points (the system will weight this accordingly). The voting system will be open until 10am on Friday 29 October 2021. If you have any questions, please contact ad***********@ip*.za">ad***********@ip*.za

Bradley Joshua

Bradley Joshua is the CEO and Executive Producer at Gambit Films. With a focus on Business development and growth through content, Bradley is the force behind the exponential growth of Gambit Films. During the last 5 years at Gambit Films, Bradley has Produced over 1350 episodes of television, the latest being Blood & Water for streaming giant Netflix and the much-loved South African daily drama series Suidooster. On the feature film side, he produced the critically acclaimed thriller i.e. Nommer 37 (Number 37) which had its World Premiere at SXSW and received North American distribution with theatrical releases in New York and LA. His latest feature, an action film called Indemnity, had its World Premiere at Fantasia International Film Festival in August 2021.

Motivation: My motivation is simply that I want to be part of and drive the growth of the Film and TV industry in South Africa, creating equal opportunity for all to thrive and drive the expression of diverse voices. Integral to that happening would have to be a continuous positive engagement with DTIC, NFVF, Department of Sports, Arts and Culture, conveying to these organisations what the Industry can do for the economy, job creation, the arts and culture of South Africa. I would like to be part of finding and implementing solutions to the current challenges that are preventing the Industry from thriving as it should. The demand for content continues to grow and South Africa has a global role to play in it all. But we need to get our house in order and I want to be part of that solution.

Bradley would like to be involved in DTIC and the Diversity and Disruption Subcommittees

Delon Bakker

Delon is a South African born producer and co-founder of the film production group MANNEQUIN. He graduated with a B.A in Motion Picture from the AFDA Film School and completed the SEDIBA Advanced Producer program, which focused on International Film Finance.

By the age of 33, he had already won a SAFTA (South African Film and Television Awards) and had been appointed to the NFVF Board (National Film and Video Foundation). One of the most exciting producing talents to come out of his country, his understanding of official international co- production treaties has proved an invaluable part of developing and producing international projects out of South Africa.

Delon’s most recent credits include: ‘Love on Safari’ (2018) starring Lacey Chabert (Mean Girls, Party of Five), ‘Rogue’ (2020) starring Megan Fox (Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), ‘Shaft 6’ (2020) starring Vuyo Dabula (Queen Sono, Five Fingers for Marseilles) and ‘Endangered Species’ (2021) starring Rebecca Romijn (X-Men franchise).

Motivation: My 15 years of experience has honed an expert proficiency in project management and producing in both international and local contexts. My skills in project management and operations strategy equips me to review and offer critical insights about the progress of projects and formulate effective solutions to problems.

Being a graduate of the NFVF’s Sediba’s Advanced International Film Finance Masterclass (run by Angus Finney) has extensively expanded my understanding of official co-production and international film finance.

I have extensive knowledge of the NFVF (National Film and Video Foundation) grant and DTI (Department of Trade, Industry and Competition) rebate application processes, evident from my recent credits. In addition to this, I have served on the previous NFVF council, which gave important insight and understanding into how the custodian of film in South Africa operates. I believe this experience can prove invaluable to the IPO EXCO in helping them find common ground with the NFVF.

I travel frequently to international film festivals (Cannes, Berlin International Film Festival and Tribeca to name a few). My regular experiences at these events have thoroughly acquainted me with the opportunity and challenges South African filmmakers face when stepping on to the international scene.

Given the extent of my experience in producing, project management, and film financing in both the South African and international film industry, I believe that I would offer substantial value to the IPO EXCO and be of aid in serving the members of our profession and expanding our horizons with the knowledge and skills I have accumulated over my career.

Delon is interested in serving on the NFVF and DTIC Subcommittees

Jason Staggie

Jason Staggie is an author, filmmaker/producer, educator, and revolutionary. He grew up in Cape Town, South Africa where his upbringing forced him to cultivate a love for something – in his case: transgressive novels and ballsy, thought-provoking films. In 2005 Jason graduated in Psychology and Film Studies from the University of Cape Town. The next five years he would spend traveling, teaching, and charity fundraising in Europe and Asia, specifically Ireland, South Korea and China. In 2010 he went to film school in the Czech Republic where he graduated with a diploma in directing and screenwriting. In 2013 Jason’s SALA-nominated debut novel, Risk was published. In the same year, he was a finalist in the Kevin Spacey Jameson scriptwriting competition. His documentary film, Hard Livings, was released in 2021 and is currently on a festival run. He has a series and a couple of screenplays in development, as well as two novels awaiting publication. Jason spends a lot of his time writing, when he’s not doing that, he’s working on his NGO – Voice of the Voiceless, and plotting broader change, in all its beautiful dimensions.  

Motivation: I believe that it’s of utmost importance for filmmakers/independent producers to be aware of industry issues and developments in the broader policy, regulatory, and business landscape. Without being conscious of these elements is akin to working with one hand behind one’s back and stifles the potential that we all know this industry has. I find it critical to participate in shaping and informing this landscape, thus I want to stand as an Exco member. Specifically, I would like to work in the Broadcasting sub-committee, which is an area in SA that requires substantial restructuring to serve the needs of the independent producing community and which is key to driving local content development as a pivotal growth area of broader industry development. Having personally experienced challenges in trying to bring projects to market, I believe more independent producers need to be part of key decision-making and engagement in our sector. These are my major motivations for standing as an Exco member. 

Jason is interested in the Broadcast Subcommittee

Kalumbu Kapisa

Kalumbu Kapisa is a renowned film and television producer. Kalumbu branched out to follow his true passion of filmmaking and formed Kwacha Media with a purpose of film production and distribution. Kwacha Media has produced a number of commissioned Drama series and documentaries for various broadcaster including MNet, SABC and etv. Kwacha Media produced several corporate productions in conjunction with various international companies as well as South African. Kalumbu has worked extensively on the African continent through content producingig Brother Africa. Amongst the television shows, feature films and Drama’s Kalumbu has worked on include Party People, Southern Cross, ABANGANI (MNET) Grown Too Quick, LA Familia, South African sports awards, Kwanda (SABC). Kwacha Media Film produced and Directed by Kalumbu Kapisa was nominated for 2014 SAFTA awards for best Director and Writer. Kalumbu produced and Directed documentary Grown too Quick was invited to screen at the prestigious 2012 Aljazeera Film Festival in Doha.

Motivation: The South African film industry has the potential for rapid growth and to be a big contributor to the economy. With my experience as a producer and director my stewardship can add value to the IPO in contributing to the success of the custodians of the industry

Kulumba is interested the Broadcast, Diversity and Disruption and NFVF Subcommittees as well as, Fundraising and Capacity Building

Lizette Khan

Lizette Khan is the founder of the production company Tung ‘n Cheek Productions. She executes the functions of Executive Producer, Director & Script Writer.  After obtaining her Psychology degree from the University of Pretoria, she had a successful career as an executive coach and human resources officer for Momentum. In 2009 she began her media career at Radio 2000 and SuperSport fulfilling multiple roles including Sports Script Writer/Researcher/VO Artist/Presenter, until 2018. From 2017 – 2019 she hosted a lifestyle/travel and media show on SAfm.

Motivation  “Life is not a spectator sport. If you’re going to spend your whole life in the grandstand just watching what goes on, in my opinion you’re wasting your life.” – Jackie Robinson

Getting my hands dirty and stuck into a project has always been how I go about my life. I aim to be proactive about the changes and goals that I set for myself, I will bring the same energy to activities at the IPO. As we all know, the entertainment industry in South Africa has been decimated by COVID-19 as well as institutions, who should be partners to the industry, actively being stumbling blocks to producers who want to sustain and grow the industry. Thus interacting with organisations such as DTIC, NEF, IDC, NFVF and the various provincial film commissions would definitely be where I’d like to focus my attention. Sharing of information, resources and being a support system for each other has become vitally important for producers because of the difficult environment in which we operate. Helping to create a more supportive and enabling environment for producers to aid individuals in keeping their businesses alive would be important to me. I’d also like to contribute to discussions and research around market trends and consumption habits of audiences locally and internationally with respect to African and particularly South African content.

Lizette is interested in the DTIC and Department of Labour workgroup, NFVF, Broadcast and Communications subcommittees

Timothy Singiswa

I had a dream of being my own boss, creating the content that I wanted, and carving out my own creative career on my own terms. Working as an independent producer has just been the perfect path for me. Building my career as a producer has been more possible than you think, and I took three main paths to establish myself, all paths that you can absolutely take as well.

Motivation: It has always been my interest to take our industry to the world and this is just another reason for wanting to be on the EXCO.

Tim is interested in the Broadcast, DTIC and Policy, Training and Professional Development Subcommittees

Tshepiso Mahlangu

Tshepiso is the MD of Humbledrop Productions which he founded in 2012. He also heads up the Wrap TV as Executive Producer, producing online series that currently aired short form documentaries. His first feature film, Umnakwabo was officially selected for The Pitch in 2017 and semi-finalist, which he developed amongst others like film KgosiMampuruas award-nomination for short film awards at BESLA 2018, Lifa La Babe was officially selected and Finalist at EIFF 2019 as Executive Producer and Senior Editor. He graduated with East Coast Media in 2008 for production business and performing arts.

Motivation: Tshepiso is currently serving as a ward committee member with EMM since 2016. He was part of the creative transformation in the City of Ekurhuleni and part of the steering committee which coordinated workshops with the industry bodies such as GFC and Department of Economic Development  in the Gauteng Province.

Tshepiso is interested in the Broadcast, DTIC and Policy Subcommittee, Training and Professional Development Subcommittees

Tshepiso Chikapa Phiri  

Tshepiso Chikapa Phiri is the CEO and Producer at Known Associates Entertainment (KAE). She is a University of Cape Town Alumni, with 20 years’ experience in Communications, Events, Media & Marketing, TV and Film Producing. Tshepiso brings a seasoned eye to KAE.

Her career spans from working in international events including the North Sea Jazz Festival and Sithengi Film Festival. She has also worked in classic advertising as a ‘Suit’. In 2007 she decided to commit in a career as a television and film producer, her training ground was at Bomb Productions where she was the Associate Producer on the drama series Zone14.

In 2008 she formed a boutique film and television production company Zing Entertainment with her partner Joel Phiri and in partnership with Pulp Films produced MTN’s The Beautiful Game a football documentary filmed throughout Africa. Tshepiso produced the documentary whilst pregnant and almost gave birth to her son in Ivory Coast where nurses highly recommend, she name her son Didier Drogba.

She gained the company both corporate and government clients including KWV (KWV Perfect 10 Jazz Festival), Miss World 2008, SuperSport 3, MTN and SA Tourism and SABC amongst others.

In 2014 she formed Known Associates Pty Ltd (KA) which is a below the line agency that has its own dedicated creative design studio. KA skillfully produces and directs world-class projects in the communications, experiential, and relationship marketing industries, both locally and across Africa. KA is associated to Known Associates Corporate Gifting and Stationary company. She sits on the board of Media Heads 360 and is a shareholder in the business. She is a trustee of the Smile Artist Foundation  Tshepiso is the Managing Trustee of the Gerald Sekoto Trust.

In 2018 Tshepiso founded Known Associates Entertainment with Dan Jawitz, she is the majority shareholder and Joel Phiri who is the Non-Executive Chairperson of KAE. In the first three years of the company a decision was made to focus the business in developing its own productions. The result of this being the first KAE production, uBettina Wethu a multi season series based on the Columbian smash hit telenovela YO SOY BETTY LA FEY (adapted as Ugly Betty in the US). The first season has aired on SABC 1, since April 2021 three times a week and is also available on the streaming platform VIU. uBettina Wethu is currently in development for Season 2.

KAE in 2021 has experienced a production boom which includes broadened its offering into the servicing of international productions of which its first productions was Universal Studios’ feature film production Beast, which was filmed in South Africa Starring Idris Alba, South African actor Sharlto Copley, Iyana Halley and Leah Sava Jeffries. Currently KAE is about to shoot Sony Pictures’ epic feature film The Woman King starring Oscar Award winning Viola Davis and South Africa’s very own Thuso Mbedu, Tshepiso is the SA Production Executive on both productions. KAE has successfully produced ETV’s first EVOD feature film Atlantis (2021), completed John Barker’s The Umbrella Man currently in post-production and has started principal photography on Fabian Medea’s directorial debut feature film Wild Is The Wind, Tshepiso is Producer on all three productions.

Motivation: I am an independent producer actively producing local content and servicing international productions. I believe that the IPO as an organisation should play a key role in influencing and drafting government policy that affects the TV and film industry and assisting government and government agencies (DTIC, NEF, NFVF, MICT Seta, DSAC, NAC and other) to be more effective and efficient in assisting us to grow existing industry participating companies, businesses and open up the industry to new players. I am well equipped, experienced and qualified to be a key Exco member that can participate and assist us to realise the latter. We need to grow the industry by grooming younger, qualified and able black female and male Line Producers, Directors, DOPs, Production Designers and I am in a position where I can mentor and champion incubation programmes for a programme enabling the grooming of these key positions for productions. Finally it is clear that there is still work to be done to transform our industry, transformation cannot happen by force or overnight but we as IPO should foster transformation and be key change makers by enabling skills transfer programmes, enterprise development initiatives and support more black vendors to participate in our industry in spaces that have been largely dominated by solely white owned companies. We need to promote equality in the industry.

Tshepiso is interested in the DTIC and Policy Subcommittee, NFVF Subcommittee, Training and Professional Development

Siphiwe Hlabangane

Siphiwe Hlabangane is an experienced television producer, actor and skills facilitator. He has worked with a number of leading television production companies and non-profit organisations in Southern Africa including Quizzical Pictures, The Embassy, Tulinane Entertainment (Windhoek), Young and Able, Oxfam GB and Heartlines. Most recently, Siphiwe has produced a NGO-funded Zimbabwean film titled Shaina, a telenovela for SABC 2 titled Lithapo and is currently in the process of wrapping up a yet to be announced Netflix Series. His work experience has seen him work across the mediums of theatre, television and film in a variety of roles that have helped to capacitate him into becoming a well-rounded producer.

Motivation: I have been a member of the broadcast sub-committee for the past 3 years and have become intimately involved with negotiations with the PMA and SAGA. I consider bending the arc of the history of our industry to be a fundamental to which I am committed and would like to contribute to.

Siphiwe is interested in the Broadcast Subcommittee, NFVF Subcommittee, Training and Professional Development.