Nominations for IPO EXCO 2020/ 2021

The IPO has been working very hard to collaborate with members and industry stakeholders to chart a path through the uncertainty and anxiety of the last six months and never before has it been so important that we come together to make sure that filmmakers, storytellers and producers come out the other side of COVID standing stronger, more united and more resilient in the face of the challenges we are all going through.

We are grateful for all those who have agreed to standing for the IPO EXCO for 2020/2021. IPO members may vote for up to 16 candidates. The voting system will be open until 10am on Friday 23 October 2020. Please note that the system will allow you to only vote once, please contact us if you encounter any challenges or need further clarity on your membership category.

If you have any questions, please contact ad***********@ip*.za


Leanne is the MD of Seriti Films which she co-founded in 2017 and EP of the award-winning series Gomora, as well as The Herd, and The Imposter. She also heads up the Seriti Commercials division as Executive Producer, producing over 80 TV commercials in the last 9 years, and winning several notable accolades such as Loeries, Pendorings and Creative Circle awards. Her first feature film, Bunny Chow (2005) official selection for Toronto Film Festival, which she produced while still completing her honours degree in filmmaking at the African School of Motion Picture (AFDA). Kumalo also completed her Post Graduate degree in Business Administration at GIBS (2009), were she finished cum laude.

Motivation: Leanne is currently on the IPO EXCO and on several sub-committee including the DTIC working group, NFVF, COVID working group and is chairperson for the communications committee. Leanne is also currently the Treasurer of the organisation. Leanne has worked this year on creating dialogue around the support of emerging producers and challenges around barriers to entry. The shape of the industry is transforming too slowly, and we need to equip emerging businesses in this current landscape to help build a sustainable industry that is accessible, and diverse.

 Leanne is interested in contributing in the focus areas of DTIC, NFVF and Marketing and Communications

Marvin is a partner and Financial Director at Moonlighting Films. He joined the company in 2004 and leads Moonlighting in all financial matters, from co-production structuring and film financing to accounting and tax planning for all of Moonlighting’s film and TV projects.

Motivation: Marvin has a wealth of institutional knowledge relating to the DTI and he has represented the IPO on several DTIC engagements over many years. He has also taken the lead on our 2020 engagements with Department of Labour regarding employee/ independent contractor discussions.

Marvin is interested in continuing to represent the IPO in its ongoing dialogue with the DTIC

Originally a lawyer, having trained at UCT and worked as both a legal adviser in the Constitutional Assembly in 1995 and as a Parliamentary liaison officer for the South African Chamber of Business (SACOB) organising lobbying of MPs around bills that were interesting to business. A founding member of the National Constitutional assembly (NCA) in Zimbabwe, Mike ran the media campaign that defeated Mugabe in the 2000 referendum and also successfully challenged, and overturned in the Supreme Court, the Broadcasting Act of Zimbabwe, establishing the first private broadcaster in Zimbabwe. Mike is currently the MD of Spier Films, a Cape Town and London based production, financing and sales company that he took over at the end of 2007.  Mike is responsible for the Spier Film Fund which has invested equity as well as gap finance and pre-sale loans in various films and established the Film and Television Finance Company which cashflows the DTI rebate for various productions. In 2012 he co-founded Etana Film Guarantors which was sold on to become Hollard Film Guarantors. Since 2009, he has financed and produced 26 films of which 14 were international co-productions.

Motivation: From 2001 to 2007, I successfully ran the Cape Town World Cinema Festival and Sithengi Film and TV market. Since then I have established Spier Films, first as an international sales agent and then as a financier/producer and have financed/produced 26 film and TV productions in the last 10 years. As such, I have seen first-hand the challenges the industry faces with transformation, with the funding environment, with the DTI rebate guidelines and having faced bankruptcy on numerous occasions I know that all of these issues are life and death issues for all of us. As a result I am involved passionately in the process of trying to get more funding for the NFVF from DSAC, Lotteries and other sources and I am also involved in trying to ensure the NFVF gives the industry the 75% of its budget that it is required to give under the NFVF Act. As I have suffered stress as a result of DTI scares I am also very interested, and involved in, having a producer-friendly rebate which has no drama at all. I have served on the IPO EXCO for 5 years.

Mike is interested in contributing in the focus areas of NFVF, DTIC and Broadcast

Rehad is a leading documentary filmmaker and has produced drama for TV. He    was instrumental in the establishment of SASFED, its first chair, a post he resumed in 2016. He was also one of the people behind the establishment of the DFA a body that he has chaired at various points. He has sat on the IPO expo and chaired the body between 2016 -2018. He has a wealth of experience in representing these organisations over the past 15 years with an array of stakeholders, including the DTI, DOC, DAC, IDC, NFVF and is considered a leading voice in the TV and film industry.

Motivation: The TV and film industry has been going through one its toughest periods over the last 10 years, our industry has contracted, and this affected the plurality and diversity of voice that we have held up as core to our vision. Our engagements with government to build a conducive environment take on a critical importance in the context of COVID and the associated intensification of the recession. The health of our organisation is what stands between ourselves the decimation on what is left of our industry.  Failure to defend and promote the IPO will see a handful of big companies dominating the film and TV landscape. We need to become more professional, steadfast and resolute in this regard with all key stakeholders.

Rehad is interested in contributing in the focus areas of Transformation & Diversity, DTIC and Legislation & IP

Thandi began her career in PR and was head-hunted to join the Independent Broadcasting Authority at its inception. She has worked in the music industry producing the Kora All Africa Music Awards for live TV broadcast, in print media and worked closely with the UN to deliver major events including the WSSD, the IUCN Conservations conference and COP17. She served as Africa Regional Director of Broadcasting and Marketing for Fox International Channels and is presently a founding member of StoryScope where she serves as EP and Head of Development.

Motivation: This has been my first year sitting on Exco and it has been an eye-opener on many levels.  Being an ex-broadcaster, it has been enlightening to understand the key issues that producers face every day and understanding the importance of having a body that can collectively represent the interests of producers irrespective of their chosen genres. It was truly an extraordinary year to sit on EXCO, COVID put our feet to the flames and I very proud of the work that the team and sub-committees undertook to ensure that our sector could get back to work and if not, have some form of relief.

I have spent a fair amount of time this year focusing on gender related issues in the sector, working to create protocols around on-set behaviour with specific focus on intimacy coordination (IC) and sexual harassment.  The latter has been a passion and with SWIFT we have been moving forward to ensure that our industry is healthy for all those who work in it.  My aim for the coming year is to see the IC programme broadly implemented into sets across the country and work further with SWIFT and SASFED to implement a sector wide code for sexual conduct.  This coming year I hope to have the IPO seriously engage around discussions in relation to salary parity across both race and gender. We this year also started discussion around creating an Ombuds for the industry and this is an initiative that I will continue championing into the next year. Key for me accepting the nomination is to work toward ensuring a transformed sector that is set up to embrace the future in a sustainable manner.

Thandi is interested in contributing in the focus areas of Transformation & Diversity, Broadcast, Communications and Membership

Thierry started out in the French TV industry and was part of the launch of several channels including M6 and Paris Premiere, then ran the Paris subsidiary of Hollywood animation studio Hanna-Barbera, before starting his own production company TVTV. He moved to South Africa in 1997 where he launched Both Worlds, a producer of scripted and unscripted television programming. Thierry is the creator of ZANEWS’ Puppet Nation the satirical puppet show which won 26 SAFTAs, 10 IAB Bookmarks and two nominations at the Emmy Awards.

Motivation: All independent producers aiming to initiate original local film and television content face the same challenges:  access to funding for development and production, creative control, fair terms of trade, access to international markets, ownership of IP assets, achieving a sustainable business model that allows training and retention of qualified permanent staff and the fair remuneration of freelance writers, cast, crew, service providers… Without a united and powerful voice that influences cultural and economic policy, South African producers will remain independent in name only and our creative audio-visual industry will not find a seat at the global table currently being set. In 2020 the IPO EXCO worked hard to help its members navigate and survive a once-in-a-lifetime crisis. It must now mobilize new, fearless, powerful and diverse energies to box above the organization’s current weight and make a lasting positive impact for all. Should members feel that some “old hands” might be needed to assist in the process, I am ready to mobilize mine for another year.  Thierry is interested in contributing in the focus areas of DTIC and Broadcast.


Basiami received her BA Honours in Motion Picture Medium from AFDA in 2003 which led to her career as a sound designer in films, series and documentaries. She launched her career as sound designer and mixer on the 3 part miniseries, Homecoming. She has worked on several dramas for the SABC, documentaries and features. She was recognised for her work with a nomination for Best Sound Design in a Film at the RapidLion Film Festival (2017) for Noem My Skollie and won a SAFTA award for Best Sound Design in a Feature (2016) for her work on Hear Me Move. Other notable work includes being the sound recorder for the documentary unit on District 9 and the Netflix series Queen Sono. During her film career, she studied towards a law degree and in 2019, she graduated with a LLB from Unisa.  

Motivation: During the course of my film career as a crew member, I became aware of the disadvantages that filmmakers and artists are often subjected to as production companies or freelancers when engaging in work with funding entities and corporations, particularly where their work and work environments leave them vulnerable to unfavorable contracts. It was this awareness that made me develop a keen interest in pursuing my LLB degree which I acquired in 2019. I am at a point in my career where I have ambitions to venture into being a producer within the film industry. It is for this reason that I believe that with my legal education and my film experience, I will be able to contribute to the IPO. I am also very excited at the prospect of engaging with the producers who are current and future members of the IPO Exco as I believe that being a part of this organization will give me an opportunity to bring value in the best way that I can.

Basiami is interested in contributing in the focus areas of Legislation and IP, as well as the DTIC.

I’m first and foremost a storyteller. The art of crafting stories, using the medium of film, television and video, is perhaps one of my strongest qualities. I started working in the industry in 1993. I’ve worked as an independent producer, director and writer in film and television from 1996 – 2009, running my own production company from 1999 – 2009. From 2010 until 2019 I’ve worked as a freelance series producer, series director, director, supervising producer, creative producer, line producer, production manager, actors’ coach, trainer, lecturer, consultant, movie magic scheduler, scriptwriter and script editor. My accumulative experience is around 27 years in the film, television and video industries. In 2019 I was appointed the Manager of Scripted Content at Okuhle Media in Cape Town, a position I still currently hold.

Motivation: Having been in the industry for so many years I have intimate knowledge and understanding of just how difficult it is to be an independent producer in South Africa and being an independent Black producer has even further disadvantages. I would like to become a member of the IPO EXCO to not only further the aims of transformation, but also challenge and help remove the myriad obstacles that we face as independent producers. I come from an activist background, having been part of the underground and liberation movement in the fight against apartheid, so I understand organizational culture. I would like to become active in the committees that deal with the NFVF, DTI and SABC. Those who know me know that I am a pitbull when it comes to fighting for what is right, but I have mellowed with age and have found a way to deal with difficult issues without resorting to volatile confrontation. The fact is that we as an industry are constantly under attack from changes in regulations and policies issued by government, and we are constantly at loggerheads with each other – often in a very ugly way with race becoming the convenient battleground. It’s time for unity, it’s time that we as a collective speak with one voice.

Bev is interested in contributing in the focus areas of NFVF, DTIC and Broadcast.

Cait is a producer and casting director that has worked internationally for the past 6 years, a SAFTA-winner with work that has travelled to Sundance, Berlinale, Venice, Durban and FESPACO, to name a few. In 2018 she was included on the Mail & Guardian’s Top 200 Young South Africans list. Cait is passionate about identifying and developing talent and together with her business partner Elias Ribeiro, founded Realness Institute, which seeks to foster a new wave of African cinema. She has also served as an expert and/or mentor in various labs/courses by London Film School, The National Film and Television School and The Ladima Foundation. Her work has been supported by public and private funding globally. INXEBA (The Wound), which she produced and cast directed, screened at more than 60 festivals worldwide, winning 28 awards, including 6 SAFTAs. It was also selected as South Africa’s official entry for the Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film in 2018, making it to the December shortlist of 9 films. Most recently, her feature film This Is Not A Burial, It’s A Resurrection, made through Biennale College – Cinema, and shot entirely in the remote mountains of Lesotho, was awarded the Jury Prize for Visionary Filmmaking at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival. This film has gone on to win 14 more awards and continues to compete at festivals. Cait is a Durban Talents, Berlinale Talents, La Fabrique Cinema de L’Institut Francais, EAVE Producer’s Workshop and Biennale College – Cinema alumna.

Motivation: Building a sustainable and equitable industry is very important to me. I have long admired the work of the IPO and would be honoured to be considered to sit on EXCO. Producing is a tough and wildly misunderstood craft and can often be isolating. Building together with my producing peers is something I would find meaningful. Tied to this, there is a toxic air of competitiveness in our industry which results in people working and acting in silos and not sharing information or resources. This does not a thriving industry make, and so I hope to advocate for a more supportive, open environment for us all to work in. As all of my films have been co-productions and have sold internationally; I would like to work towards the creation of more co-financing instruments (and minority co-financing schemes) between us and the global North, but more importantly, between countries on the continent. As a filmmaker, I am fervent about independent and arthouse cinema and will continue to fight (whether as a member of EXCO or not) against a singular idea of what makes a film “successful”. I am passionate about skills development and nurturing talent, which I have done formally for the past 5 years through the Realness Institute’s screenwriter’s residency program and most recently, Creative Producer Indaba, which I co-founded. 

Cait is interested in contributing in the focus areas of Skills, Training and Development, DTIC and NFVF

Khosi is a producer based in Cape Town, South Africa, the owner and founder of Miss K Productions. The company was founded with the focus of developing stories of black filmmakers and creating a safe space for emerging filmmakers to present their stories to a global audience. The main aim is to unearth female writers and directors. 

Motivation:  I have worked on local and international music videos, commercials and recently completed a feature film, heist-dramaa, Sons of the Sea, which will be released in 2021. This film was a small budget film and it was privately funded. I would like to stand for the IPO Expo as a female producer of colour and unite with other South African producers and represent our young and up-coming filmmakers. Trying to get funding from institutions such as NFVF and DTIC has been a struggle and I would like to be at the fore-front in changing this and making it easier to make the funds more accessible as we have a lot of stories to tell and need support. 

Khosi is interested in contributing in the focus areas of NFVF, Transformation and Diversity, Skills, Training and Development and DTIC

Layla Swart is one of South Africa’s most accomplished producers, despite being only 32 years old. Churning out a litany of impressive work in record time through her production house Yellowbone Entertainment. After obtaining a post-graduate degree in film and media production from the University of Cape Town, Layla has been senior editor and postproduction supervisor on numerous South African feature films and her writing work has enjoyed success at international and South African festivals. 2015 saw her move into production full time on large-scale international television projects such as ABC’s Kings and Prophets and Paolo Sorrentino’s HBO series The Young Pope.

She has produced and edited five multiple-award winning films for her company and is contributing to the development of young film makers with every step. As a young, female, producer of colour, Layla has shown incredible creative and financial fortitude and acuity in promoting and developing local film through creating mutually viable relationships with state and private sectors that makes her a force to be reckoned with within the film industry. Layla was recently awarded the SAFTA Youth Achiever prize for 2019, as well as the 2020 SAFTA for Best Editor of a feature film. Producing each project on her own, Layla has battled incredible odds to achieve what she has today. Currently Layla has just completed production on Blood Psalms, a 10-part, high end tv series.

Motivation: Coming from a background as a crew member and making my way into producing, I have learned a lot about the struggles within the industry both from a producer perspective and a crew perspective. It would be my aim to advocate for better funding models, and work to restructure the way in which independent films and content are financed as I have experienced first-hand the many flaws in the system specifically with regards to emerging film makers and cashflow. I am passionate about the advancement of new voices and would like to play a role in correcting the many challenges I have faced as a young producer. I believe that I can contribute to the collective of the IPO, having worked very hard to establish myself as a producer in this country in a very short space of time. It would be an honour to be able to make use of this platform for the betterment of the industry.  

Layla is interested in contributing in the focus areas of Broadcast and DTIC

Luke Rous has produced over 250 hours of prime-time programming and 2 feature films over the past 15 years and specializes in executive producing long-form comedy and drama. Career highlights include a Rose D’Or nomination for best comedy series, Best SA short film at DIFF, screening at the Cannes film festival and the SAFTA award winning drama series High Rollers which moved from a 26 part hour-long drama to a 300 part long running series, selling to multiple territories around the world. Luke has a keen interest in international co-production as well as seeing the South African Film and TV industry become a more equitable, fair and robust environment.

Motivation: I cut my teeth producing sitcom and drama for the SABC, turning every cent over 5 times, so I know the challenges our industry faces. Being part of the IPO’s Broadcast sub-committee for the past year and a half as we tackle the unruly task of re-negotiating the terms that have bound producers and actors for the past few decades in SA has been an eye-opening experience. Getting to understand that what’s best for our industry is going to take compromise and dialogue, I have seen the need for a strong, united and professional IPO. Having the experience of producing a range of 13 episodes to 300 episodes I believe I have a unique perspective to offer the EXCO and if selected, I will do my best to support this need.

Luke is interested in contributing in the focus areas of Broadcast and DTIC

As a Johannesburg native, Lulama started as a production co-ordinator on South African kids TV show, Hectic Nine 9. She then had the honour and privilege of working with Vlokkie Gordon, learning more about international production services under her wing at Film Afrika. After two years, Joburg beckoned her back where she worked on hit TV shows such as Barone Manhunt, So You Think You Can Dance and X-Factor South Africa. She has also worked on international films Of Kings and Prophets, Samson The Movie for Pureflix , Christmas In The Wild for Netflix, The Hotzone for Scott Free, Redeeming Love for Pureflix and The Professionals for Spier Films. She is currently a partner at Advantage Entertainment and Producer for her own production company Brave Films.

Motivation: I believe that the film and TV industry has come a long way and all thanks to organisations like this. I believe there is still so much more to achieve in terms of diversity and sustainability and having the opportunity to be dynamically involved in working towards these goals would be an honour.

Lulu is interested in contributing in the focus areas of DTIC and Transformation and Diversity

Mark is a KZN-based film professional / director / producer and cinematographer with 30 years’ experience developing content for production and available for freelance or service productions.

Motivation: I believe the greatest threat to the South African film industry is the possibility that the DTI’s production incentive will become reduced in such a way as to inhibit production of South African projects, and of service productions coming to South Africa. As is, the delays in payment from the DTI for milestones to South African producers and of incentive payments to foreign producers is the most serious issue that needs to be addressed post COVID19, with government coffers at their lowest ebb. This sees established producers being forced into debt with bank interest and suppliers waiting months, if not years, for final payments. This is the area of greatest concern for the IPO members and the industry at large. I believe in this regards the IPO & NFVF should open dialogue to create escrow accounts for all productions that have advanced ruling certificates awarded by the DTI & that all funds promised by the DTI are secured in escrow under control of NFVF / IPO’s lawyers prior to production, and that milestone payments are paid timeously, on invoice. I am happy to be a part of the IPO council to address this issue, specifically.  Mark is interested in contributing in the focus areas of DTIC and NFVF

Nobuntu ‘BusaBuntu’ Dubazana is the Creative Founder of disruptive media company, BusaBuntu Pictures (Pty) Ltd, youth and women focused NPC, The BusaBuntu Foundation, a Council Member for the Film and Publication Board of South Africa and co-founder of South African slow fashion brand, OSISI. With over 28 years of storytelling and communications, her 2014 Master of Arts: Filmmaking and The Creative Economy (Majors: Entrepreneurship, Communications, Disruption and Filmmaking) from Kingston University, UK partially quenched her continued thirst for new knowledge. Her appointment to the Council of the Film and Publication Board of South Africa has familiarised her with the legislative requirements of board members, the prescripts of the PFMA of South Africa and King 4.

Motivation: I believe my experience as a Creative Economist, founder of a disruptive media company and Youth and Women focused NPO (2010 – Present), role as a Council Member of the Film & Publication Board of South Africa (2015 – Present) and a shortlisted candidate for the Board of NFVF 2020 are the key attributes that would make me an asset for the IPO Exco. Working with government through the FPB over the past 5 years has given me great insight into the processes and systems creatives can exploit in our efforts to lobby for a more prosperous and sustainable creative industry. However, it is my passion for storytelling and social entrepreneurship that drives me to create and belief that a knowledge and skills-based environment will ensure a flourishing environment for all content producers. 

Nobuntu is interested in contributing in the focus areas of Transformation and Diversity; Skills, Training and Development as well as Legislation and IP.

Sanjeev Singh has over 30 years of experience in film acquisition and distribution in South Africa. As Head of Acquisition and Distribution of Videovision Entertainment, he has acquired films across genres of for distribution in South Africa, ranging from small independent documentaries, Foreign Language and Arthouse films to multi-million dollar blockbuster films. Sanjeev has executive produced a number of motion pictures made under the banner of Videovision Entertainment, among which are Shepherds and Butchers, Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom, the Oscar Nominated Yesterday, Red Dust, the hit comedies Mr Bones and Mr Bones 2 and Mama Jack, The Long Run, Barack Obama: People’s President and was associate producer on Bravo Two Zero, Sarafina! and Cry, The Beloved Country. His expertise in the film industry was recognized by former Minister of Arts & Culture, Dr Ben Ngubane with an appointment as a councillor to the inaugural council of the National Film and Video Foundation.

Motivation: Over the past thirty years, Marketing and Distribution of films has changed drastically, and we adapted to the changes in the industry, and successfully released our productions like Sarafina, Cry, The Beloved Country, Mr Bones, Yesterday, Red Dust, and our acquisitions which include, A United Kingdom, Dredd, Disgrace, and End Game. Although cinemas re-opened on 28 August after five months of lockdown, audiences have not returned to cinemas in sufficient numbers and we therefore re-evaluated and adapted to the changing environment with premieres of our arthouse films on TVOD, and thereafter licensing them to Pay TV, and postponing the bigger commercial titles to release in 2021. We still had virtual press screenings, and arranged telephonic interviews with the talent, and saved the P & A spend for the release of the films. I hope to share this experience with the IPO and bring a distribution perspective to the EXCO to support and empower our members.   

Sanjeev is interested in contributing in the focus areas of Marketing, Communications and Membership

Ty is an experienced Commissioning Editor with a demonstrated history of working in the broadcast and streaming media industries. Tshepo is a strong Content Creator with an experienced Scripted, Editorial and solid Acquisitions record. Tshepo is a lifelong Creator, Executive Producer, Talent Incubator and Collaborator. He has been driven to tell stories that reflect the culture, movements, voices, sounds, and scenes of the African people. He believes in shining the truest light possible and providing meaningful narratives around people and products.

Motivation: I believe that through the EXCO, I will be able to raise important issues with broadcasters and other stake holders. I would also like to raise the profile of young black producers.

Ty is interested in contributing in the focus areas of NFVF, DTIC and Broadcast

Quinton aka Bertram is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, writer, director and producer. In 2007 he won a SAFTA for the best Educational Documentary Series covering 58 episodes of 24 minutes each for SABC. With a career in the film and television production industry spanning more than 20 years, he has extensive understanding of the policy and legislative environment as it pertains to the film and television sector having chaired the Working Group on Black Economic Empowerment and Transformation under the auspices of the then Cape Film Commission. As a registered skills development facilitator, he has pioneered some of the most comprehensive and innovative skills development programs for emerging and underprivileged filmmakers and producers.

Motivation. I believe that we have serious regulatory and operational deficiencies in SA as regards the growth and development of our industry. This specifically in terms of the role that key state agencies such as the DTIC, IDC, NFVF, National Empowerment Fund, SABC etc, are meant to play in the development of our sector. Without a coherent and strategic engagement by industry bodies such as the IPO, SASFED on policy and legislation, our industry will continue to suffer the consequences of an uninformed policy approach. Many of these agencies have been flouting their development and investment mandate for many years with little regard for the long-term effect on our businesses and livelihoods, including transformation. This dereliction of duty has also created unnecessary tension between various sectors of the industry, especially in terms of the transformation agenda. I believe that I can add value to the IPO in terms of these strategic engagements.

Quinton is interested in contributing in the focus areas of DTIC and NFVF

Wandile is a South African actor and producer at Coal Stove Pictures. Coal Stove celebrated a decade in the film and tv space in 2007. Wandile is driven by creating Pan AFRICAN content that promotes #GlobalAfricanExcellence.

Motivation: Film is one of the most powerful ways of creating expression and Social Cohesion. This is true for all nations across the globe. This statement, could not be more true, for a nation as complex and layered as SOUTH AFRICA. I have been on film sets my entire life as a child actor and now as an Independent Producer.  I believe that the IPO has an incredible platform to shape and guide the ways; that we are content creators survive while ensuring that ALL stories are told. Also that this medium and support is available to all producers that are willing to put the hours reading scripts, pitching projects and building finance models. I hope to be a part of an IPO that will ensure a transformed and sustainable Film Sector.

Wandile is interested in contributing in the focus areas of DTIC and NFVF